Lessons For Kids


All of my drum students begin by learning about the drum kit and its many components. They are encouraged to hit each drum and cymbal and familiarize themselves with the sound each one makes. I will explain what each drum contributes to the overall sound of the band.kids

Once my drum students have been introduced to the kit, they beginning working on basic rudiments – the rhythmic patterns that will form the backbone of their Drumming. Those basic patterns slowly morph into the drum beats used in play along songs. I will cover different drum beats and explain the related drum notation for those.

In later lessons I will also use the song as a lesson, introducing the student to concepts like time signatures and song structure for the first time. Drum Students learn how to count measures and connect one section of a song with the other by exicting drum fills.

Once they have learned a few songs, my drum students begin working to master their advanced rudiments.

After a month, most students are ready for the challenge to perform with other students within their age group and use music as a way to express themselves.