When starting out playing drums, try experimenting with different types & sizes of sticks.

Generally if you have big hands you will need bigger sticks, smaller hands = smaller sticks, although a lot will depend on the type of music you play. If you are mostly playing loud heavy rock music you are going to want heavier sticks and of course the opposite is true if you are playing light jazz music.

5A Drum Stick

A good all round stick to use is a 5A.

Most drumsticks come with a choice of wood or nylon tips. The nylon tipped sticks will give more of a ‘pingy’ brighter sound than a wood tipped stick.

In recent times, hard plastic drumsticks have become available, however the vast majority of drummers still use wood sticks.

As well as drumsticks you can also find brushes, hot rods (which are a ‘happy’ medium between brushes / sticks) & a variety of soft ended beaters.

My personal preference is Vic Firth SD2 Bolero.

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